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K-12 Personnel and Management
Portland, MI

ESS is the leading personnel and management solution for districts. The company provides a comprehensive program that streamlines administrative operations, improves technology performance, and places high-quality substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff to over 900 districts nationwide. This full-service program gives these districts more resources and stronger classroom support, elevating student achievement and educational equity.

The company is known for the personalized, modern, and innovative solutions it creates for its district partners. Whether it's targeted multimedia recruitment campaigns that bring in quality staff in record numbers; face-to-face training that is personal, hands-on, and invaluable to long-term professional development; or modern technology implementations that enable in-depth data analysis and reporting, ESS uses its 21 years of experience exclusively serving educational institutions to creates profound and unique value for its district partners.

As part of its total commitment to its partners, ESS is an active and supportive member of the district communities it serves. Giving back is a mainstay of its business, and as a result, the company is an avid fundraiser, donor, and service partner in each of the communities in which it belongs.

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