Humanex Ventures

Minnesota owned:
In Minnesota since:
2007 as Humanex Ventures, 1990's as "Ventures for Excellence"
Business Specialties:
HR Consulting; Student & Staff Culture Assessments, Selection & Screening Tools, Professional Development, Talent Development
Lincoln, NE - Administrative Offices

Humanex Ventures® is an organization with a clear mission for discovering and developing the talents of individuals, educating and equipping leaders and managers to coach, engage and develop individuals to their potential, and building critical processes and practices to multiply significant and sustainable impact and levels of excellence. We believe organizations have tremendous potential to significantly strengthen the communities in which they are located when they create significant impact, value and growth. For this reason, we guide and support organizations—across industry and professions—in the development of their talent, culture and potential.

Forever considered our 'Legacy' division, our work in education supports client-partners at every arc of our integrated journey. Our partnership with school leaders equips them to select better talent, grow stronger professionals and ultimately multiply excellence within their organization. Our empirically developed tools and expert training help guide each school along its journey to excellence.

As a result, Humanex Ventures® fulfilled their desire to model and multiply excellence in their organizations and across the community. To do this, we have developed a unique, "integrated" approach to address a wide variety of needs, in all industry, profession or size. Our areas of focus include:

  • Organizational strategy, with expertise in culture and team development with progressive practices.
  • Expert assessment based on the most critical elements of predicting top performance—selecting talent– "one more like your best".
  • Leadership and management development & coaching to support those building great cultures.
  • Training and development to maximize the knowledge, skill and capabilities of all.
  • Collaborative research to create "best and next level selection & screening instruments, processes and practices."
  • Product and service development for creating high-quality, integrated processes.
  • Technology to accelerate critical processes, deliver quality intelligence and scale impact.
  • Service delivery with great partners, top service professionals and great teams.

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