Minnesota owned:
In Minnesota since:
October, 2012
Business Specialties:
Business Process Improvement and Automation; Recruiting Advisory and Consulting Services; Virtual Career Fairs
Saint Paul, MN

VitaminK12, LLC is a company located in St. Paul, Minnesota, that offers consulting services to K-12 schools, government entities, nonprofits, and institutes of higher education. We specialize in providing innovative solutions to improve schools' operations and attract top talent. One of the services we offer is assistance with recruitment through the talent marketplace, mnschooljobs.org. Services include helping schools distribute job postings to the right audience and hosting virtual job fairs to attract qualified candidates from around the country.

In addition to recruitment, VitaminK12, LLC offers a range of other consulting services to help schools streamline their operations and achieve their goals. These services include analysis of processes and procedures, recommendations on focus, and implementation of automation. Our goal is to provide school operations with the support and guidance they need to succeed and thrive.

We have created and supported many other initiatives to support Minnesota schools and the school HR community. Some examples are:

  • cometeachinmn.org, website to support the marketing needs of districts awarded access to the Come Teach in MN hiring and retention grants.
  • Presenteeism.org (archived), a one-day symposium promoting present and engaged educators
  • User Groups of Minnesota (archived), user communities for school staff centered around essential functions and vendors, including Frontline Education and Skyward.

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